Governor DeSantis Celebrates 205 New Florida State Guard Graduates

Governor Ron DeSantis’ Office is celebrating the successful completion of the February Initial Entry Training (IET) by 205 new members of the Florida State Guard. These graduates, who underwent a rigorous three-week program, will now contribute to the essential role the Florida State Guard plays in emergency response within the state. Governor DeSantis expressed his satisfaction with the growth of this crucial volunteer force, emphasizing its commitment to serving the people of Florida.

The newly graduated “Florida State Guard Soldiers” hail from diverse backgrounds, representing 52 counties across the state. Governor DeSantis acknowledged the sacrifices made by these volunteers, who dedicated their time away from families and professions to embrace the challenges and honor of becoming part of the Florida State Guard.

Director Mark Thieme commended the graduating class for their accomplishments and highlighted the collaboration with various entities, including the Florida National Guard, Florida Division of Emergency Management, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Clay County Emergency Management, the American Heart Association, and other agencies.

Thieme expressed gratitude for the support and commitment of these organizations to the shared mission of protecting and preserving the lives and property of the people of Florida. Furthermore, he emphasized the State Guard’s expanding mission beyond Florida’s borders, citing Governor DeSantis’ recent announcement of deploying soldiers to the Texas border with Mexico alongside other law enforcement and military forces from the state.

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