Yungeen Ace, Jacksonville Rapper, Cleared of Firearm Charges

Online records from Duval County courts indicate that charges against a well-known rapper from Jacksonville have been dismissed.

Yungeen Ace, also known as Keyanta Bullard, was arrested in April on a charge of possessing a firearm as a convicted felon.

The prosecution decided to drop the charges against Bullard on July 3. He has been out of custody since April.

According to court documents, electronic traces for the firearms found did not link them to Bullard. Although his phone was recovered, a search warrant was not pursued after review. Bullard’s DNA was obtained under a search warrant and compared to the firearms, but the Florida Department of Law Enforcement reported insufficient DNA evidence on the firearms.

At the time of the arrest, Bullard was in a car with four other people when Jacksonville Beach police stopped them for running a stop sign. The driver later claimed in a YouTube video that the firearms belonged to others in the car.

The disposition statement highlighted that merely being near a firearm does not prove intent to control it without further evidence.

In a previous incident, Bullard survived a drive-by shooting in Jacksonville in which three others were killed. After recovering from injuries, he was arrested for violating probation related to a previous firearm possession charge. He had been on probation since 2017 due to an accessory charge in Clay County.

Bullard faced further probation violation charges in October 2018 for not following travel restrictions and visiting a mall without permission from his probation officer.

In March 2019, Bullard’s attorney stated he was involved in a shooting at a hotel in Waycross, Georgia, where one person was killed and another injured during a concert trip.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is investigating whether Bullard was connected to the death of rival rapper Julio Foolio, who was shot and killed at a Tampa hotel. Bullard released a song addressing Foolio’s death shortly after the incident, but he has not been officially named as a suspect or person of interest in the investigation.

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