Police Arrest Bridget Elsie Torres for $12.50 Dollar Tree Theft

An Ocoee woman, Bridget Elsie Torres, was arrested after stealing $12.50 worth of items from Dollar Tree and telling the store manager her name.

Police were called to Dollar Tree in Clermont Landing about a theft around 2:05 p.m. on Monday. A witness pointed towards Steve’s Road, saying an employee was chasing someone. This person was later identified as 39-year-old Torres.

The store manager said Torres ran behind the building into the woods. She was wearing blue jeans, a gray top, had belly rings, green cigarettes, and a torch lighter. She told the manager her name was Bridget “with one t.”

The officer searched the area but didn’t find anyone. Other officers checked the woods, while one officer returned to the store. The manager filed a report to prosecute on behalf of Dollar Tree.

The manager couldn’t immediately list the stolen items but said Torres had a red, white, and blue bag that went from empty to full. He saw her with a package of pink razors, body wash, and nail polish remover.

When Torres left the store, the manager tried to stop her. She only said her name and kept running. Officers searched homeless camps nearby but didn’t find her. They planned to review store video footage the next day.

Around 5 p.m., an officer saw Torres at a homeless camp wearing the same clothes and carrying the same bag. Another officer, who knew her from previous encounters, confirmed her identity. Torres admitted being at Dollar Tree but denied stealing anything. She claimed the officers were impersonating law enforcement and mentioned her poor mental health history.

Officers found new, unopened items in Torres’ bag matching the manager’s description. She was arrested without incident, and the items were returned to the store. The total value was $12.50.

Torres was charged with petit theft and taken to Lake County Jail with a bond set at $500.

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