Local Pizzeria Faces Temporary Closure Following Florida State Inspection

Florida isn’t the state with the most pizzerias, contrary to popular belief. According to Statista’s 2019 report, California takes the lead, followed by New York and Texas. Nevertheless, Florida still holds a respectable fourth place with approximately 4,800 pizzerias.

This abundance offers Floridians a diverse range of pizza styles, catering to various preferences influenced by regions like New York, Chicago, and Detroit.

Moreover, the availability of budget-friendly pizza options is a boon for consumers. Being able to grab a slice at an affordable price without committing to a whole pie is always appreciated for a quick meal.

However, amidst this pizza plethora, one local pizzeria faced a temporary closure due to issues raised by a Florida state inspection, though it has since reopened.

Mr. Shuttle’s Pizza By The Sea, despite lacking any discernible social media or website presence, garnered positive feedback from Fort Lauderdale locals, boasting a 4.7 out of 5-star rating on Google reviews. While a solitary 1-star review critiqued the lack of restroom access, most others praised the delicious pizza and the amiable owners.

One satisfied customer, Sophia, lauded the establishment, expressing surprise at its relatively low profile.

A shared picture of a $5 slice deal caught the attention of potential customers, further highlighting the affordability of the offerings.

During the inspection on February 8, 2024, a total of 11 violations were noted, including 2 basic, 8 intermediate, and 1 high-priority issue. Basic violations ranged from restroom accessibility to improper storage practices like keeping pizza boxes in the bathroom.

Intermediate violations included a lack of dishwashing facilities, improper glove usage by staff, and failure to date mark food items, such as chicken wings.

The high-priority violation was the absence of preparation time markings on food items, crucial for food safety protocols. Consequently, the restaurant was temporarily closed to address these concerns.

A subsequent inspection on February 9, 2024, revealed that two intermediate violations persisted, but the restaurant was allowed to resume operations with a follow-up inspection mandated.

It’s important to note that an inspection represents a snapshot in time and may not fully reflect the restaurant’s day-to-day operations.

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