Franky’s Deli Warehouse: A Humble Hialeah Gem Tops Yelp’s 2024 Florida Restaurant Rankings

Every year, Yelp releases its rankings for the “best” restaurants across the nation and within each state.

In the 2024 list of the top Florida restaurants, a noteworthy trend emerged: the leading spot was claimed not by an upscale establishment, but by a humble, affordable deli.

Yelp’s methodology involves analyzing ratings, review volume, and community feedback, as reported by USA Today.

Meet Franky’s Deli Warehouse: A place where customers are treated like family, fostering a flood of positive online reviews.

For over two decades, this family-owned gem has delighted patrons with its array of subs, salads, sandwiches, and affordable sides like croquettes priced at just $1.15 each.

With a staggering 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google reviews from Hialeah locals, Franky’s earns praise for its welcoming staff, mouthwatering sandwiches, and extensive menu choices.

One reviewer, Angel, expressed regret that a lone detractor marred the restaurant’s otherwise stellar rating, highlighting the exceptional customer service and delectable subs.

Yelpers echo these sentiments, awarding Franky’s an impressive 4.9-star rating. Nicole’s review on Yelp underscores the shop’s freshly made sandwiches, warm atmosphere, and loyal customer base.

As for affordability, Franky’s menu boasts reasonable prices, with most subs priced at $9.95, salads at $10.95, and sandwiches like capicola and provolone also priced at $9.95.

Franky’s Deli Warehouse stands as a testament to the notion that excellence in dining doesn’t always equate to high prices or pretentious settings—it’s about genuine quality and a welcoming atmosphere.

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