Discover Massachusetts Most Eccentric Attractions

In the heart of Massachusetts lies a world beyond the typical tourist haunts. Beyond the well-trodden paths of the Freedom Trail and historic landmarks lies a realm of oddities and mesmerizing curiosities. Join us as we delve into some of the most eccentric attractions across the state.

  1. Joseph Allen Skinner Museum: Where the Weird Comes Alive Step into the Joseph Allen Skinner Museum in South Hadley, a treasure trove of the peculiar since its establishment in 1932. Curated by philanthropist Joseph Allen Skinner, this collection of over 7,000 objects is a celebration of all things quirky. From stuffed birds to antique firearms, Native American artifacts to intricate model ships, each item invites visitors to embrace the extraordinary. Now under the care of Mount Holyoke College, the museum beckons visitors to immerse themselves in the inexplicable.
  2. Dighton Rock: Unraveling Ancient Enigmas Discover the mystery of Dighton Rock, a puzzling discovery dating back to 1690. Adorned with intricate symbols, this rock has fueled speculations ranging from ancient Phoenician voyagers to Chinese explorers. Some now believe the carvings to be of Native American origin. Situated in Dighton Rock State Park, it awaits your contemplation of its cryptic past.
  3. O’Reilly Spite House: A Testament to Pettiness In Cambridge stands the O’Reilly Spite House, a living testament to neighborly discord. In 1908, Francis O’Reilly’s act of defiance against his reluctant neighbor birthed a peculiar dwelling. Built on a narrow strip of land out of sheer spite, the resulting 37-foot-long, 8-foot-wide house defies conventional logic. Today, it serves as home to an interior design firm, adding a quirky twist to a tale of animosity.
  4. Warren Anatomical Museum: Where the Macabre Meets Science Prepare to be intrigued and perhaps unnerved at Boston’s Warren Anatomical Museum. Here, a collection of conjoined fetal skeletons, intricately detailed papier-mâché eyes, and the historic ether inhaler used in pioneering surgery await. Yet, the highlight remains the skull of Phineas Gage, a testament to survival and a legend in brain science.
  5. Forest Hills Cemetery: Where Creativity and Remembrance Collide Forest Hills Cemetery in Boston transcends the ordinary burial grounds. Amidst the gravestones lie unexpected wonders—a miniature village of cement houses paying homage to the deceased’s former abodes, trees adorned in fanciful attire, and a sprawling set of xylophones adding a touch of whimsy. Here, the afterlife converges with creativity in unexpected ways.

Embrace the Unconventional Massachusetts’ eccentric attractions beckon us to embrace the unconventional. Venture beyond the ordinary, immerse yourself in the bizarre, and let the peculiar captivate your imagination. Who knows what otherworldly oddities await your curious gaze?

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