Colorado is Home to an Abandoned Town Most People Don’t Know

If you are interested in the history of Colorado’s mining industry, you might want to visit Teller City, a ghost town located in the northwest corner of the state. This town was once a bustling silver-mining camp, but now lies in ruins, forgotten by most people. In this blog, I will tell you the rise, the fall, and the mystery of Teller City.

The Rise of Teller City

Teller City was founded in 1879, when silver was discovered in the nearby mountains. The town was named after Henry M. Teller, a prominent Colorado politician and later a U.S. senator and secretary of the interior. The town grew rapidly, attracting thousands of miners, merchants, and settlers. At its peak, Teller City had over 1,500 residents, 27 saloons, 6 hotels, 3 newspapers, 2 banks, a post office, a school, a church, and a theater.

Teller City was one of the most prosperous and modern towns in the region, boasting electric lights, telephones, and a water system. The town was also known for its lively social scene, hosting dances, concerts, and sporting events. Teller City was the center of the North Park mining district, which produced over $2 million worth of silver between 1879 and 1884.

The Fall of Teller City

However, Teller City’s fortune did not last long. The town suffered from several setbacks, such as fires, floods, lawsuits, and robberies. The most devastating blow came in 1893, when the U.S. government repealed the Sherman Silver Purchase Act, which caused the price of silver to plummet. Many mines closed, and many miners left the town in search of other opportunities. By 1902, only 100 people remained in Teller City.

The town gradually declined, and became a ghost town by the 1930s. The last resident of Teller City died in 1941, and the town was abandoned. The buildings deteriorated, and some were demolished or burned. The town was also vandalized and looted by treasure hunters and souvenir seekers. Today, only a few structures and foundations remain, along with some rusty mining equipment and scattered artifacts.

The Mystery of Teller City

Why is Teller City so forgotten? Some say that it is because of its remote location, far from any major roads or towns. Others say that it is because of its short and tragic history, overshadowed by other more famous mining towns. Others say that it is because of its hidden secrets, such as buried treasure, lost mines, or haunted spirits.

Whatever the reason, Teller City is a place that attracts the curious and the adventurous, but also the respectful and the cautious. Many people visit Teller City to explore the ruins, to learn about the history, or to experience the mystery. But remember, you are not alone in Teller City.

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