Show us your ‘sheltered’ pets!


The call has gone out to all owners of sheltered pets: “Send us your funniest pictures and videos!”

While we all “shelter” in place and (hopefully) remain home for the next few weeks, Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League is accepting video and still photography submissions that portray the fun, zany and crazy moments of life with an adopted cat or dog.

Submissions will be accepted through April 30, and selected images and clips will be part of the center’s new ad campaign.

There’s also $350 in prizes for those who submit the winning videos and pictures in a number of categories. Winners will be selected by a panel of judges based on quality, authenticity, humor and those unforgettable moments that melt our hearts.

“The biggest prize, though, is having your pet – or you and your pet — become part of a video with a big reach and that will ultimately help save the lives of many other animals,” said Rich Anderson, executive director and CEO of Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. “We want to show and tell that story first-hand, with real content, through the eyes of people who have adopted an animal.”

Adopted pet owners must submit their photos and videos by uploading them online at or emailing them directly to Submissions are limited to two still photos or two videos of no more than 30 seconds each.

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