Wellington Elementary 3rd graders perform ‘text’ book operation


It may not have been the most sanitary of operating rooms, and though the surgeons were younger than the famous Doogie Howser, a recent English assignment in two 3rd grade classes at Wellington Elementary School proved to be a tremendous success.

Students in Mrs. Powers’ and Mrs. Young’s 3rd grade classes donned scrubs, latex gloves, hair nets and surgical masks in the makeshift operating room as they operated on text features in the classroom. The students had to perform multiple “surgical” tasks on text using a variety of instruments.

Students were divided into operating teams and given surgical materials – non-fiction text, scissors, glue, tweezers and Band Aids – necessary to perform surgery on a willing “patient.”

Each team of doctors had to look through the text provided and find one of two text features for the ten places the patient needed to be operated.

Teams of doctors had to decide which text features would be best to use, remove it from the text and suture – or Band-Aid – it onto the patient.

After surgery, the students were required to answer the purpose of the text features, and reflect on their learning in their “patient files.”

The 3rd grade surgeons performed admirably under pressure and the surgeries were deemed an overwhelming success.

Pictured above: Wellington Elementary third graders, from left, Ryan Whelan, Arissa Gutienez and Isabella Holloway delicately “operate” on text during a recent class assignment. Photo submitted by Wellington Elementary School

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