Big Apple is exciting, but there’s no place like home


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Posted June 6, 2017

It must be getting close to summer because Sharon has started to tell me what her summer plans are going to be. Every year she comes up with a number of plans – and it’s perfectly fine with me that I’m not included in most of them.

So far, she and one of our kids have booked a two-week trip to New York City. They decided to rent a house in Brooklyn for a couple of weeks, which I think is smart. Why go to a hotel and get a room when you can rent an entire house in a good neighborhood for a lot less money?

On this trip, Sharon has rented a house in Park Slope. She’s very familiar with this Brooklyn neighborhood because it’s right across the street from the hospital where all our kids were born.

Three of our grandsons will also be going on the trip, and they’ve never been to the Big Apple before. One of the first things they’ll see is where their father was born. That may not be very exciting to them, but at the time, it was pretty exciting to Sharon and me.

They already have plans to see the sights and all New York City has to offer. Their plans include seeing some Broadway plays, visiting Coney Island and my old neighborhood, spending a day at the Bronx Zoo and, of course, experience riding the New York subways. They also plan on attending a game at Yankee Stadium.

As the saying goes, “New York is a great place to visit,” and I’m sure our grandchildren will agree when they come back home and tell me all their stories about the city. Besides seeing my old hood, I hope they visit some of the neighborhoods where I used to work as a cop.

I’m sure one of the first questions I’ll hear is “Grandpa, why did you move to Florida?”

I’ll reply, “When tourists come to New York City for a two-week vacation, they usually see and do more things than the average resident does in a lifetime.” I believe this to be true, because I know it was true in my case.

For the entire year before our family left Brooklyn to move to Florida, I did all the things a tourist visiting New York City would do.

I wanted my kids to see and experience everything that the city had to offer. We did it all, from visiting the World Trade Center to going to all the zoos, taking in the rides at Coney Island, hitting the beach, seeing many Broadway shows and much more.

Our two kids were old enough to enjoy everything New York City had to offer and they also understood why we were moving to Florida. Well, at least the older one did, and I’m pretty sure the younger one did also.

My friends always tell me that I don’t like to leave my zip code, and for the most part that’s correct. But that last year in New York City I hardly stayed in my zip code.

I haven’t been back to the Big Apple in over 25 years and the truth is I really don’t miss it.

For the rest of my life I never want be cold or see snow again and be in places that have big crowds. So, to Sharon’s credit, she knows not to ask me to go along on this trip to New York.

She, better than most, understands how comfortable I am in my zip code, and I’m happy she does.

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