Beach living not the worst way to spend a month


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Posted Sept. 29, 2016

My wife Sharon and our son Brian decided that Sharon and I needed a vacation – without bothering to consult me. In fact, they decided we needed a very long vacation. So off to the computer they went.

What they came up with was a shocker.

The two of them conspired to rent a 2-bedroom condo unit overlooking the beach on Hutchinson Island – not for just one or two weeks, but for an entire month.

In case you missed the small detail where they didn’t bother to consult me on this, I was in a state of shock when I found out.

Sharon finally decided to tell me what she and Brian had done. A month away from home would be the longest I would be away from home since I was in Vietnam.

Up until now, the longest vacation we had ever taken was three weeks when we went through the Panama Canal, and that was too long for me.

I don’t like change, and though I made it clear I was against leaving town for an entire month, all of my protests fell on deaf ears.

No one paid any attention to how I felt about going away for a month.

When the day arrived for us to leave on our “vacation,” I found out that Brian and my granddaughters would be joining us for a couple days.

I have only been to Hutchinson Island once before. I had forgotten how close this beautiful place was to our home in Wellington.

When we first arrived at Hutchinson Island we drove past condominium after condominium. It was striking how most of the units had their hurricane shutters up, obviously unoccupied.

When we finally made it to our condominium, I felt like I had arrived in a ghost town like you’d see in an old Western movie.

But you know what? That was okay with me. I don’t like to be around crowds anyway.

When we got up to our fifth floor condo, I couldn’t believe the view. It was truly breathtaking. Almost every room had a front-row seat of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. And our patio was a great place to take it all in.

What could be better?

We couldn’t wait to get down to our empty beach. Believe it or not, for 30 days I sat on the beach 5 to 8 hours a day. Don’t worry, I sat under an umbrella and hardly got a tan.

Sharon and I walked the beach every day. It was a great walk. Sharon is a shell collector, so on every walk she felt like she was in heaven (and if truth be told, so did I).

Because we were on vacation, I told Sharon I didn’t want her cooking, so we ate out every night – for 30 days in a row! I was worried what our scale back home would read when we returned home, but I guess the walks on the beach helped a lot, because I didn’t gain any weight.

Since we ate out every night, Sharon and I were able to experience the local dining scene. We found many of the restaurants in Martin County to be quite good.

We even found a few right on the water that were excellent and added to our vacation experience. Of course, Sharon also found out where the local mall was and we spent a few nights there.

My granddaughters loved the beach, but I think with all the stuff their grandmother bought them at the mall it made them love the mall more than the beach.

All in all, the 30 days flew by and I must admit I had a great time. How can you not enjoy sitting on the beach every day with no worries?

Will living on the beach be the next chapter in our lives? Who knows, only time will tell. But I promise that as much as I hate change, I will not fight it if it does happen.


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