South Florida Science Center turns gross for summer


What is and is not snot – that and many more questions will be answered at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium’s summer 2016 exhibition, Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body.

Based on the best-selling book, the exhibition is described as fun, exciting and educational. It opens to the public Saturday, May 7 with the goal of educating children ages 6-to-14 and their families about why their bodies produce mushy, oozy, crusty, scaly, stinky things, which many people consider gross.

“Kids love gross,” says Lew Crampton, Science Center CEO. “The more gross, the more engaged in learning they become, which is why we selected Grossology as our summer exhibition. Grossology is incredibly interactive and is aimed at educating kids about their bodies and how they function.”

“Nigel Nose-It-All” will explain why people have runny noses, allergies and sneeze, while “Burp Man,” a larger than life cartoon character, who drinks from a three-foot-tall soda can pumped by visitors, details the cause of burps.

As visitors wind their way through 5,000-square-feet of human science, they will also learn about skin issues, “gas attacks” and vomit.

The Science Center is at 4801 Dreher Trail N. in West Palm Beach. For more information, go online to

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