Scene from West Palm

Get your coffee fix in Downtown West Palm Beach


Been to Downtown West Palm Beach lately? If so, you may have noticed the explosion of the local coffee scene. There’s close to a dozen coffee shops on or near Clematis Street catering to local businesses and …

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Northwest Neighborhood experiences summer of peace

Northwest Neighborhood

Whenever I mention the Historic Northwest Neighborhood in conversation, I’m usually met with a blank stare. When I clarify with a single word – “Tamarind” – the look turns to horror. …

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Exciting changes taking place in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach

In past years, summer is when things slow down. We hit the beach or spend time taking care of personal projects. But this year, there’s so much going on that things haven’t slowed down. Here’s a glimpse as to what’s going on. …

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Real Change Movement offers hope to area homeless

Real Change Movement

Next time you walk down Clematis Street, several new parking meters will most likely catch your eye. They’re painted bright orange with a big yellow smiley face on the front and they’re set up in places where you wouldn’t normally expect to find a parking meter. …

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Okeechobee Boulevard closure’s silver lining?

Okeechobee Boulevard

In May, the unimaginable happened: Due to infrastructure upgrades on the All Aboard Florida track, Okeechobee Boulevard – the main traffic artery into downtown West Palm Beach …

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