Scene from West Palm

‘Thank you’ to those who make West Palm Beach great

West Palm Beach

I’m thankful for everyone who works for the City of West Palm Beach, from the mayor and city commission to those who clean our streets and pick up our garbage. We often look at city hall as a walled garden, but …

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Future of S. Dixie Highway corridor looks bright

S. Dixie Highway

West Palm Beach is experiencing a huge boom in development, and if you drive south from Downtown on S. Dixie Highway, you can’t miss the fast-changing landscape. Over the past few years this area has emerged from a struggling …

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Use social media to stay current on local events

social media

As West Palm Beach’s self-proclaimed “blogger-in-chief,” I get asked a lot of questions each day. The most popular of them is, “So, anything good going on this weekend?” …

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Get your coffee fix in Downtown West Palm Beach


Been to Downtown West Palm Beach lately? If so, you may have noticed the explosion of the local coffee scene. There’s close to a dozen coffee shops on or near Clematis Street catering to local businesses and …

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Northwest Neighborhood experiences summer of peace

Northwest Neighborhood

Whenever I mention the Historic Northwest Neighborhood in conversation, I’m usually met with a blank stare. When I clarify with a single word – “Tamarind” – the look turns to horror. …

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