Health Matters

Benefits of X-rays outweigh risks


Patients often express concern about the safety of electromagnetic radiation from medical imaging. Can it cause more damage? Will radiation exposure make you turn green like Marvel’s The Hulk? …

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Infuse energy back into your life

Scott Snyder

While it’s most common for potential patients to point to their necks or lower backs when meeting with a chiropractor, one of the most common complaints heard once that person is actually under treatment concerns their lack of energy. …

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Good oral hygiene begins in child’s first year

oral hygiene

Most people know the importance of regular dental checkups to help maintain one’s overall health. Surprisingly though, many first-time parents are not aware that The American Dental Association recommends that a child should be seen …

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Lifestyle choices can change our genes, and those of our kids


Most of us have heard of genetics and DNA, but a branch of genetics is gaining more interest and research from scientists than ever before. Epigenetics describes how DNA and genes can be turned on and off as a result …

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Who’s too old for major treatment? Age not always a barrier

Major Treatment

Jimmy Carter isn’t the only nonagenarian to withstand rigorous medical treatment. Very old age is no longer an automatic barrier for aggressive therapies, from cancer care like the former president has received to major …

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Study: To avoid higher health insurance premiums, switch plans

health insurance

Maybe an amiable gecko could help the Obama administration sell its health insurance overhaul. In the long-running auto insurance commercials, the talkative little mascot promises you can save 15 percent if you …

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