Health Matters

Presidential health: Do we know enough about our candidates?

Presidential health

The nation is poised to elect one of its oldest presidents, and while age doesn't determine health, it begs the question: How much do we know – and should we know – about how physically fit Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are for the job? …

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Forgiveness key to healthier, happier life


If I were to advertise a seminar on “How to Forgive” very few people would show up. Many people think, “I don’t want to forgive, I want to get even.” …

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Loneliness hurts: Senior health about more than disease

Senior health

Grandma’s cholesterol is OK, but maybe the doctor should be asking about her social life, too. Think about health during the senior years, and a list of common ailments pops to mind. But that’s not the whole story. …

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Benefits of X-rays outweigh risks


Patients often express concern about the safety of electromagnetic radiation from medical imaging. Can it cause more damage? Will radiation exposure make you turn green like Marvel’s The Hulk? …

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Infuse energy back into your life

Scott Snyder

While it’s most common for potential patients to point to their necks or lower backs when meeting with a chiropractor, one of the most common complaints heard once that person is actually under treatment concerns their lack of energy. …

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