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Where has flakka gone?


A year after it ravaged South Florida, flakka – the synthetic street drug known for causing psychotic outbursts – is virtually gone. The deaths. The hallucinating users. The arrests. All of it. …

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Wellington Garden Club hosts garden tour

Wellington Garden Club

What better way to surround yourself in spring’s lushness than by exploring some of Wellington’s very own backyard oases in full bloom? Thanks to the Wellington Garden Club’s upcoming biennial garden tour, it couldn’t be easier. …

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Poll: Gay marriage tops Florida stories in 2015

gay marriage

Florida’s biggest news story for 2015 happened in the year’s first days, when the state became the 36th with legalized gay marriage, according to an Associated Press poll of the state’s newspaper and broadcast editors. …

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Live from New York, it’s the Metropolitan Opera!

Metropolitan Opera

Oh, those lucky New Yorkers. In one day they can skip over to the Museum of Modern Art and see priceless, fabulous, historic works of art, then waltz down Broadway and take in a live show, and later that …

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