Feature Stories

Five-year-old plays golf with I-will-I-can attitude

Tommy Morrissey

Tommy Morrissey took the driver in his left hand and stepped back as his dad, Joe, placed the ball on a tee. The 5-year-old sized up the shot, stepped forward and laced a picture-perfect drive a little more than 100 yards down the middle of …

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Kid reporter Damon Weaver sets sights on college

Damon Weaver

Now, kid reporter Damon Weaver is all grown up. Nearly seven years after the boy from Pahokee became the youngest person to interview a sitting president, he walked across the stage in May in a cap and gown. He starts college this fall. …

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West Palm Beach Antiques Festival offers Timeless Treasures

West Palm Beach Antiques Festival

Indiana Jones had to trek across two continents braving a booby-trapped temple in Peru, occult-obsessed Nazis and snakes to find his treasure. Lucky for us, we have the West Palm Beach Antiques Festival right here at …

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Where has flakka gone?


A year after it ravaged South Florida, flakka – the synthetic street drug known for causing psychotic outbursts – is virtually gone. The deaths. The hallucinating users. The arrests. All of it. …

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Wellington Garden Club hosts garden tour

Wellington Garden Club

What better way to surround yourself in spring’s lushness than by exploring some of Wellington’s very own backyard oases in full bloom? Thanks to the Wellington Garden Club’s upcoming biennial garden tour, it couldn’t be easier. …

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