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We need tougher texting while driving laws

texting while driving

It seemed as though every single driver I saw was texting on their phones. It’s not that I never noticed drivers texting before, it’s just that …

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New roof tests limits of compromise

new roof

I was hoping it wouldn’t happen for a long time but I guess my luck ran out, because after the last heavy rain storm I discovered a leak in our roof. …

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We must reverse rise in county murders

Palm Beach County murders

There’s something going on in Palm Beach County that most folk don’t want to talk about. The local media seem to barely touch on it, and when it does there’s very little follow up. I’m referring …

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Anticipation of daily mail too much to bear


I love getting mail the old fashioned way – delivered right to my mailbox in front of the house. And I’m talking all mail, not just first class. Call me a junk mail junkie if you must, but I’ve never received any junk …

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