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Posted Sept. 4, 2016

I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer so far and continues to enjoy the remaining weeks of summer that we have left. This is the time, after all, to take advantage of the fact that life in South Florida is just a bit slower and just a tad more stress-free.

No doubt, readers of this column have found it easier dining out or seeing a movie. There’s hardly any wait times and even driving around town is a more pleasant experience. (Although, now that school has started back up for another year, we must all remember to be on the lookout for children in the crosswalks.)

If you haven’t made the most of your summer yet, the good news is there’s still time to get in some summer fun.

How about visiting one of our area beaches? If it’s been a while since you’ve enjoyed feeling sand beneath your toes, add this to your summer bucket list. Our beaches are wonderful and this time of year we just about have them all to ourselves.

Another summer bucket list item should be going to a Marlins baseball game. Even though they ended up building the park just a few miles from downtown Miami, it’s still worth the trip.

And boy, it sure is a beautiful stadium. The best part is the retractable roof. Remember sweating through a summer ballgame in the heat and humidity of Sun Life Stadium? Those days are gone.

Now, baseball fans can sit in air-conditioned comfort with a closed roof while enjoying a hot dog and a cold beer. What could be better?

And the stadium doesn’t have a bad seat in the house. Did you know that when they moved into their new ballpark in 2012, the team moved from the largest stadium in baseball to the smallest?

Just remember to search for a good deal online before heading to a game, as there’s always a good deal or two floating around. When my kids took me there for Father’s Day back in June, they had a special promotion which included a 16 oz. drink and a hot dog with each ticket purchased, and all dads got a free Marlins T-shirt.

I remember that game well, especially because one of those 16 oz. drinks ended up inside my shoe when my youngest granddaughter spilled the entire drink as she was taking her first sip. It felt like the entire 16 ounces ended up in my shoe. And yes, I had to wear a wet shoe home.

Another fun thing the Marlins did that day was to allow kids and their dads to run around the bases after the game.

They also let the fans throw a few baseballs around in the outfield grass. And just to top it off, some of the players came onto the field to play catch with the kids.

What a great moment that was for our entire family!

Catching a football game should also be on your summer bucket list. There’s usually good seats available to watch the Dolphins at home in September.

Driving to a Dolphins game at Sun Life Stadium is easy from Palm Beach County. It only takes an hour or so and there’s ample parking right at the stadium. I wish I could say the same for going to a Marlins game.

Instead, when you go to a Marlins game, you’ll see folks standing by the side of the road trying to wave you onto their lot or driveway to park since there isn’t much parking at the stadium. The same thing happened when this location was home to the Orange Bowl.

And don’t forget we also have some very exciting college football being played at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. The Owls are getting better every year and you’ll find their stadium very enjoyable.

So, here’s to making the most of what’s left of another beautiful South Florida summer!

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