Latest News
  • Meet Wellington’s own Paperback Writer

    Ex-firefighter Patrick Kendrick has turned his love of writing into a full-time career, churning out four mystery thrillers to date.

  • For Gladesmen, life will change in River of Grass

    A new general management plan will phase out private airboat use on 109,000 acres added to Everglades National Park in 1989 and require commercial operators to come under management of the park.

  • Overcoming Language Barriers

    Two evenings a week, students meet at The Multilingual Society to learn a language through lessons, music, games and conversation.

  • No Dog Left Behind

    Big Dog Ranch, the largest no-kill dog rescue in the Southeastern U.S., is getting a new home of its own.

  • Car Keys Not Required

    City of West Palm Beach officials recently unveiled the new bike-sharing program called SkyBike, all part of making downtown more pedestrian friendly and mobile.